One Free Bottle Gift!!!
One Free Bottle Gift!!!

AcaiUltima – Laden with the great goodness of life The AcaiUltima is creating a Global Craze as being The Pulse of Fast Weight Loss!!

The Leading New, Innovative secret to Lose weight naturally!! A Clinically Tested Natural pill that accelerates metabolism, limits fat absorption rate and melts fat ‘easily’. AcaiUltima is a 100% pure extract of the Amazonian Superfood Euterpe oleracea which leads to-
Quick & Safe Weight Loss
Increased Metabolism
Detoxification of body
Cleansed Colon
Re-energized & Optimum Immunity Level
An AcaiUltima User’s Tale:

If you are struggling like hell to shed off those unwanted and extra fats dangling around your body – Feel assured to better times as The next generation of dieting is here!! The “AcaiUltima” for quick weight loss is a real supporter in your weight loss endeavor. AcaiUltima enables you to come across your own road to Thinsville. It preys on the desperate hopes of those trying to lose weight without any side effects all naturally. Don't Miss This Opportunity of a Lifetime! AcaiUltima is the foundation of any successful long-term weight-loss plan!!!

AcaiUltima has changed my life and for sure will do you the same…. Sandra Gomes, USA

What ancient tribes and people of the Amazon have known for centuries, the world is just discovering... - Meet the Purple Berry Fruit from the Amazon which the Brazilians consider as “The Tree of Life”!!
What is it about the “Acai Berry Diet” that’s splashing headlines the world over?

Are you on the Lookout for the most effective diet plan which will set you losing 10 pounds a week or less without any side effects?
A Peek at the most nutritious and powerful weight loss food in the world - The AcaiUltima!!

Acai Berry, the supreme super food, has hit the market with a bang. Acai Berry is the grape like wonder fruit found on the Acai palm trees of the rain forests of Brazil. This Amazonian berry is gaining name & fame every day as celebrities like Brad Pitt, Rachel Ray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Love, Eva Longoria and many more are using it. Hailed as the latest super-food to hit the natural health marketplace - This fantastic little purple berry is a treasure trove of super rich Antioxidants and weight loss nutrients.  


The Power – Packed Berry of AcaiUltima has Overwhelming Benefits:

Acai Berry Benefits: - The Secret Gem of the Amazon:

  • Improves Metabolism
  • Manage your weight by controlling stress-related eating
  • Control stress-related overeating
  • Alleviates Diabetes Symptoms
  • Restore and sustain a higher energy level
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Increase resistance to fatigue, stress and tension
  • Natural Pills WITHOUT Side effects
Besides being an instant energy booster Acai Berry can also jumpstart weight-loss and begin a body-purifying and detoxification process.

Learn how AcaiUltima takes the lead in aiding Quick weight Loss?

The weight losing powers of the berry has been frequently cited as one of its biggest positive points; Acai Berry indeed helps to lose weight. It does so because of its high fiber content - approximately 40% of the pulp and skin by weight and hunger suppressing qualities. Acai also reduces the hunger pangs. This character of Acai Berry is because of the huge fiber content that gives the person a fuller feeling and keeps the person away from binge eating.

AcaiUltima – The only Ultimate and Best way to try Acai!!  

  • AcaiUltima is the latest in the weight loss pills.  AcaiUltima is an organic weight loss aid pill containing only purely Acai ingredients.
  • AcaiUltima is one of the most affordable brands in the market. Incredibly, if you scout around the Internet, you can find various Acai Berry alternatives that can reach as high as $150 per bottle are thus not soothing to your pocket. In comparison, AcaiUltima is quite affordable and caters to every person.
  • AcaiUltima also comes with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee.
  • AcaiUltima works much faster than most weight loss supplements bearing Acai extract. You are assured of a rapid weight loss that is 300 times more effective than exercise and dieting alone.
The purplish fruit of the palm berry plant has an impressive array of other health benefits too:
  • It makes your digestive and immune systems stronger. This means that regular consumption of Acai berry supplements will make you stronger and healthier and more resistant to diseases.
  • It also helps slower the aging process, which makes it very coveted among those who are conscious about the way they look.
  • It also contains B Sistosterol and Campesterol, both of which improve the health of the heart and the digestive system.
  • Although the benefits with Acai berry is a never-ending list, it must be mentioned that the prime benefit of Acai berry lies in its weight reducing capacity that’s highly incredible
  • Acai Berry Ultima is all natural and thus rules out every side effect
The Key to Successful weight Loss is AcaiUltima – The Bigger Picture of Permanent weight Loss!!
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My sister was an Avid Foodie. She had already tried many weight loss supplements, but none of them worked in her favor. After taking AcaiUltima she lost a good 50 pounds in 6 months. Her clothes fit better, and she takes more pride in her appearance. My Sis now feels that she doesn’t have to hide behind an over-sized dress. Thanks AcaiUltima – my Sis has regained her swiftness and youthfulness back.

--- Laura Creamer, Yorkshire

I never believed that any natural weight loss supplement would work for me, till I tried AcaiUltima. I never felt weak after having this pill. After losing some weighty pounds I m feeling great now! In last one month I had got rid of 10 pounds and feeling great!"

--- Kelly Albuquerque, Portugal


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